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Experience a new dimension in modern living. An adjustable bed can change your lifestyle for the better, in so many different ways.


An adjustable bed allows you to enjoy reading, watching television, working on your laptop, relaxing and sleeping in bed. Being propped up and supported at a comfortable angle an adjustable can be shaped to align with the contours of your body.

Unparalleled comfort

You can use your adjustable bed to position your head and feet at you own comfort level to relax, relieve pain or sleep.

An adjustable can help alleviate the symptoms of numerous medical conditions including sleep apnea, joint and back pain, poor circulation and restless legs.

Why buy an adjustable bed from Becks

The adjustable bed when combined with a 100% natural latex mattress, wins on all counts.
• Quality
• Performance
• Adaptability
• Longevity

adjustable bed


• A powerful motor which is silent and smooth to operate.
• Posture slats for increased comfort.
• Control which is easy to use.
• Fully guaranteed for 10 years.


• Long Single
• King Single
• Double
• Queensize (Split Beds)