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Memory foam is a very popular material in the construction of mattresses and pillows. The open cell structure of memory foam helps the mattress respond to the weight and heat of your body. This body conformance is what allows the mattress to relieve pressure points.

Benefits of memory foam

  • Memory foam is ideal for people who suffer from painful joints or pressure sores. If you have arthritis or joint pain, then one of these mattresses maybe ideal for you.
  • It will also assist with any motion disturbance your partner may cause. You won’t be bothered by them getting up at night or if they are tossing and turning. Any movement is absorbed by the mattress rather than being transferred.
  • Memory foam mattresses are also very resistant to allergens such as mold and dust. A memory foam mattress can offer undisturbed sleep for people suffering from allergies.
  • Gel infused memory foam will enhance airflow and heat dissipation for your ideal sleep temperature.

We can use memory foam in an innerspring or a pocket spring mattress. It can also be used in the pillow top on a latex mattress for an ultra-plush feel.

We can custom make a memory foam mattress for you that will provides years of comfortable and supported sleep.

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What is memory foam made from?

Memory foam is mainly manufactured from polyurethane. Additional chemicals are used to increase viscosity and density. It is also known as viscoelastic foam. The foam bubble or cells create a matrix through which air can move.

Memory foam was invented over 50 years ago by NASA. It was originally designed to provide comfort and support for astronauts during launch.