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Preventing dust-mites from disturbing your sleep

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Allergy Prevention

Dust mites are tiny eight-legged creatures that feed on flakes of shed human skin. They are practically impossible to see with the naked eye. The most common type of dust mite found in Australian homes is Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, which tends to prefer coastal rather than inland areas.

Dust mites excrete enzymes in their faeces that can cause allergic reactions from humans. For most people they are not a major problem but they can play havoc with those who are prone to allergic reactions and asthma.

Your bedding collects dead flakes of human skin as well as absorbing perspiration. The absorbed perspiration can contribute to creating a humid environment that dust-mites love. Even in the cleanest homes and bedrooms, dust-mites can be difficult to eradicate.

Remedies and prevention strategies

  1. Mattress protection. The fabric that covers a mattress and the mattress base is known as ticking. Ticking is a cotton or linen textile that is tightly woven for durability and to prevent down feathers from poking through the fabric. Ticking is the material used to cover mattresses and mattress bases. At Beck’s we use Bekaert for all our tickings. Bekaert finishes their products with HealthGuard™ treatment, an anti-bacterial treatment that also kills dust mites.
  2. Washing sheets and pillowcase at high temperatures will remove the dust mites. Alternatively, cover pillows and quilts with dust mite resistant covers. The covers must be washed every two months. Vacuum your bedroom every week.
  3. Use a de-humidifier. Dust-mites love humidity. Dust mites cannot survive in environments with less than 35% humidity.

A clean, dust-mite free mattress will ensure a fresher and allergen free sleeping environment.

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