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Creating the perfect bedroom

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Bedroom Design

Your bedroom should be an oasis. A place where you can relax and forget about the cares and stresses of the day-to-day world. It’s about creating an environment that’s conducive to quality and rejuvenating sleep. Each person’s oasis will be different, but there are some general principles that should be considered.

Think about a theme and colours

Do you want your room to be modern, simple and stylish? Or would you prefer something rustic? Or some combination of both.

A modern design pays more attention to getting the maximum natural light levels and making the most effective use of the available space. Emerald, bronze, white and muted pastels are commonly used in the colour scheme of a modern bedroom design.

A rustic design relies on natural colours with unpainted surfaces and furniture. Think wood and timber grains, bricks, and raw metallic colours such as cast iron black. Bright colours and elaborate patterns, particularly with the bedding and rugs, can be used to complement the natural materials of the bedroom and its furnishings. A rustic design can create a cosy environment that offers a refuge from the hustle and bustle of modern living.

For some ideas for your bedroom you can visit Mim’s pinterest site (Mim’s is a leading interior design firm in Melbourne).

Selecting the perfect bed for your oasis

The primary piece of furniture for your bedroom will be the choice of bed. It needs to reflect the theme and environment you want for your oasis and cater for the size and dimensions of the room. According to Cathy Hobbs, world renown interior designer, you should start by purchasing the best custom mattress you can afford; one that provides excellent support and keeps your spine aligned. She advises that you can skimp on other bedroom furnishings, but not your mattress – after all, it’s where you will spend roughly one third of your life.

Invest in great sheets and pillows. At Beck’s Bedding, for quality, comfort and head support we highly recommend Dunlopillo pillows. Sheets and pillowcases come in a variety of materials, colours and decorative patterns. Plane white can be used to contrast the colours of the bedding and bed frame. Spend a bit of time thinking on how they contribute to the overall look and feel.

Other Furniture

Some people will recommend having somewhere to sit in the bedroom or even suggest having a desk or a small reading and writing table. Others recommend minimising anything that contributes to stimulating activity. The choice is up to you. But remember the main purpose of your bedroom is to promote relaxation and healthy sleep. Try to avoid having TVs or computer screens in your bedroom.

As a minimum you would look at having a dresser, a mirror and a wardrobe in your bedroom. Lamps can add atmosphere and mood lighting. Though you need enough lighting to get dressed and get ready for bed you don’t want the lighting to be glaring or overly bright.

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