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Why a double-sided mattress is still a better choice!

by | May 22, 2019 | Mattresses

Years ago, double-sided mattresses were the norm. However, over time, single mattress designs have come to dominate the market. Based on the experience and testimonies of our customers, we at Beck’s believe that a double-sided mattress is still a far superior choice.

The main benefit of a double-sided mattress is that it will last twice as long as a single sided mattress. As you can flip and rotate the mattress it will mean that the wear and tear will be evenly distributed. Simply put – you get better value for money.

Any mattress which is used every day will eventually take the shape of the body.  Once a mattress loses its shape it will no longer support you correctly and will become uncomfortable. Flipping it over will help maintain its shape and distribute the wear and tear more evenly.

Pocket spring and innerspring mattresses should be made to be used on both sides. A pocket spring mattress, without a pillow top, can still provide a luxurious feel as the individual springs will conform to a sleeper’s body shape. If you put a thick pillowtop on a pocket spring mattress it will negate the effect of the individual coils.

Why have single-sided mattresses become so popular

A lot of manufacturers and retailers will try and tell you that one-sided mattresses are more comfortable, cheaper and longer lasting. The REAL reasons that mattresses are made one sided are:

  • They are cheaper and quicker to manufacture. By making a mattress this way manufactures can inflate the price and create more margin for the retailer.
  • Repeat business – they don’t last as long so the customer has to replace their mattress quicker. (We have so many people say to us they’ll never buy a pillowtop single sided mattress again).

A one-sided mattress is not made any differently to a double-sided mattress, it’s just got the comfort layers on one side. We do make pillowtop mattresses but we make them so you can still flip the mattress and use both sides.

A pillowtop mattress that is made correctly using high quality comfort layers will hold its shape but there are so many made that feel great at first and lose their shape within six months.

Beck’s Bedding has been making mattresses for 70 years and we believe on making a full mattress and not half a mattress.