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Are you a hot sleeper?

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Sleep Health

Some people are hot sleepers. A hot sleeper is someone who consistently feels warm during the night.  They will often wake up feeling their body temperature is too high. This can lead to sleep deprivation and feeling tired during the day, unless the situation is remedied.

When you sleep at night your body changes temperature, shedding heat as your core temperature drops. This heat is transferred to your bedding and mattress. The mattress will retain the heat and as you sleep you continue to transfer heat and the mattress sleeps hotter.

The ideal sleeping temperature is between 15° C and 19° C for most people and 65° F 18° C and 70° 21° C for the elderly or infants. Maintaining that temperature in your bed and bedroom will contribute to a good night’s sleep.

Therefore, to reduce the overheating you need a mattress that will dissipate the heat.

An innerspring or pocket spring mattress, without a pillow top, will have the best airflow through the mattress to help dissipate the heat and the effects of over-heating. A pillow top mattress will retain the heat and become uncomfortable for hot sleepers. Everyone is different and some people have no issues with a pillow top.

But if you are a hot sleeper, I always recommend a mattress without a pillow top. Also, a mattress that uses natural coverings will have a cooler feel. This is why we use a bamboo ticking on certain mattresses. It gives the mattress a soft and silky look and has a cool touch. We also recommend a cotton mattress protector for your mattress. Natural fibres like bamboo and cotton are best for absorbing the moisture from sweat and drying it quickly.

Most sleep experts also suggest using a type of sheet with a lower thread count. The higher thread counts amount to a tighter weave, which is less breathable.