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Four signs you need a new mattress

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Mattresses

Your mattress is an essential element of having a good night sleep. If your mattress is starting to wear out – it’s sagging in places or there are some uncomfortable lumps – you will start experiencing less comfort and support while sleeping. Depending on the type of mattress you have other signs will appear that indicate it’s reaching the end of its lifespan.

A quality mattress will last you ten years. When it’s approaching the ten year mark you need to pay attention to the following:


Sagging applies to all mattress types including memory foam, latex and spring beds. Springs lose their strength, foam and latex becomes softer and the other materials in the mattress compress over time. Essentially the mattress is unable to maintain its shape nor contour to the shape of the body in a way that offers support. At first you will experience some discomfort but over time this can turn into aches and pains as well as interrupted sleep.


Overtime the padding in a mattress can shift, particularly with innerspring or pocket spring mattresses. Lumps tend to be a problem with poor quality mattresses and can start appearing within 1 or 2 years after purchase. Though rarer, lumps can still appear in high quality custom made mattresses.

Lumps can cause uncomfortable pressure points, placing stress on joints and body parts such as hips and joints. With spring mattress the movement of padding can leave the springs exposed, causing further discomfort and potential pain.

Impressions last

Memory foam is meant to remember the sleeper’s body and sleeping position. That after all is the point of a memory foam mattress. When you get out of bed, however, the foam should bounce back and return to its original form. When the cellular structure of the memory form starts breaking down it loses its elasticity and the ability to return to its original shape.  If the body impression on the mattress stays a long time after you get up or the impression is 5cm or more, it’s time for a new mattress.

Stains and Allergies

Most types of mattresses can accumulate allergens like mould, mildew, and dust mites. Mould and mildew can leave spots and stains on your mattress. If you’re allergic to these irritants you will start sneezing when you get close to the mattress and wake up feeling congested in the morning.

There are various techniques for taking care of your mattress to prevent and remove irritants and mildew from your mattress. But it can reach the stage, over time, where the mattress will need to be replaced. Memory foam and latex are resistant to allergens such as dust mites and mildew.

At Beck’s Bedding we specialise in making custom mattresses that are highly resistant to various allergens and mildew. If you notice any of the above signs in regards to your mattress or you are experiencing any discomfort or pain while sleeping it may be time to come in and find a new mattress. We also recommend a double sided mattress to increase the life of your mattress.